Tim Colceri

Timothy Colceri  is an American actor and comedian. He is most known for his role in the 1987 Stanley Kubrick classic Full Metal Jacket, where he played the door gunner who uttered the much-quoted lines “Get some!” (adopted as the byline for the 2008 movie Tropic Thunder) and “Ain’t war hell?”


Early life and education

Tim was born on June 15, 1951 in Canton, Ohio. When he was 2 years old, his parents moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he grew up. At age 18, Tim enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and spent 13 months in Da Nang, Vietnam. He was discharged on his 20th birthday, and immediately enrolled at Arizona State University, majoring in physical education with his goal of being a wrestling coach.


Colceri became a professional golf player after graduating from college. Three years later, he cut a tendon in his little finger and was forced to find a new profession. He worked at the Victoria Station Restaurant near the Miami airport for three years, then got a job with Braniff Airlines as a flight attendant.

He got into acting through a friend who was taking an acting class and insisted he try acting, he’s been in the business ever since.


Colceri was a professional golfer and a flight attendant before pursuing his acting career.

Was hired to play the Gunnery Sergeant/Drill Instructor in Full Metal Jacket (1987) after director Stanley Kubrick discarded his original idea of casting Bill McKinney in the role after seeing McKinney as the sodomy-minded hillbilly in Deliverance (1972). (Kubrick thought McKinney was too creepy.) He never got to play the role as Kubrick decided to use former D.I. R. Lee Ermey, who had been hired as a technical adviser, in the part. Colceri was bitter but accepted Kurbrick’s consolation prize of a small role as the helicopter door-gunner.


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